Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BERDOA lah kita...

Sama-samalah kita berdoa pada
apa yang berlaku sekarang.
Musibah yang berpunca dari
manusia itu sendiri.


Kek Lapis Dayang Salhah first begin its operation
in year 1997 from a small family business and today,
towards a famous and established Kek Lapis house,
well known as tourist attraction in Kuching, Sarawak.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

From far away land to my house...

Goshi Angel Shiraisi - a young mixed Japanese Bolivian
Taicoon from Japan again came down to Malaysia via Singapore
to conduct a seminar on health and introducing a magical and
amazing product here so called SUPER DOCTOR's WATER.
He came over to my place last nite urging me to
join and be the pioneer of this money making investment
which already taken Japan by storm! The turnover reaches
RM1.185 Million sales in 2007 increasing and demanding

All I can say, seeing is believing and the grand launch of
this product( received HALAL status together with KKM approval)
will be in November 2009 at one of the starred hotel in KL.

I am consuming the product as to become a proven living testimony.
I 'll talk about this to average people and as for those stand in as a
rich people, I 'll let the rich Japanese representative to talk to the rich.
Millionaire to millionaire. As for now, let the product do its job for me
then we talk about ... what is your DREAM in life?

Probably early retirement?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Think Again...

” Life laugh at you when you are unhappy.
Life smiles at you when you are happy.
But life Salutes you when you make others happy”

Legendary Charlie Chaplin